Thursday, September 19, 2013

Look what I made | DIY braided leather camera strap

I've been a Canon camera owner since 2010 and I love it. They are so pretty. But then there is that one thing that really bugs me: the original camera strap. It's unattractive, uncreative and it makes me feel like a tourist all the time. So, time for a change! I had some scrap leather and just got started. Here's a DIY

Braided leather camera strap

The ingredients 
What you'll need

- 3 long pieces of leather, I used different colours to make it more fabulous
- Another {wide} piece of leather
- 2 very thin strokes {but strong enough to hold the camera ofcourse}
- A sharp knife
- Needle and thread
- 2 buttons
- A hammer and a nail
- Optional: a thimbleful
- {and something I forgot to photograph} Some kind of superglue


1. Start with braiding the pieces of leather. You'll probably need someone to hold it to begin the braid. Measure how long you want it to be, I left it a little longer than the middle part of the original strap.
2. Use the knife to cut two oval shaped pieces (rectangular is fine too)
3. Use the hammer and nail to make holes around the edges. Believe me, you'll need it.
4. Make a small cut in the middle.
5. Grab the strokes of leather.
6. Pull the strokes through the cut you made in step 4. At this point you'll need to decide whether you want the buttons to be on the inside or the outside {if the two sides are different ofcourse}
7. Use the superglue to glue the ends of the braid together.
8. Glue the ends to the oval pieces.
9. Glue the small strokes to the other end.

10. Use the hammer and nail once again to make holes all the way through the ends of the braid.
11. Grab your needle and thread. I used about 2-3 arm lengths of thread for each side of the braid. Make sure you use the thread at least double {the more the prettier in my opinion}.
12. Make a knot {or a double one, or a triple one...}
13. Adjust the thread on the thin strokes {I did this because the nail holes were too big for the knot}.
14. Connect both sides of the oval piece, make sure it's tight!
15. When you're done, try to adjust the loose end to something. I made a few knots on the inside.
16. Grab new thread and the button. Decide where you want it to be {start at the side where the button will be, this way you won't have any loose ends on the other side!}
17. Make a few buttonholes
18. DONE

Thursday, September 05, 2013


What is motivation? My psychology books say that it's the thing that keeps you going. I've had some trouble finding that mysterious 'thing', but I think I've found it! Wanna know what? For blogging, it's making pictures, editing, creating pretty stuff, explore, do new things and be amazed about how it all turns out. I'm getting a little excited here! I have a new, improved, homemade titlepicture and some ideas for future blogposts.

So, start following me and find out :)

PS. I used the font CK Cursive for my 'signature' and title. You can find it here.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Yeah.. What can I say. Remembering to blog something isn't really 'my thing'. It's probably because I've been so busy lately, with my 'university' work ('cause you can't say school), with doing the photo a day challenges and mostly, with spending every free minute in front of the tv.
Speaking of the photo a day challenge, here's how March turned out:

March {collages are pretty, don't you think?}
Obviously, I didn't stop at the end of March, so here's April so far:

Photo a Day by: FatMumSlim | 1. Play | 2. Blue | 3. Something beginning with 'A'  |
| 4. This happened today | 5. Something good | 6. Air | 7. Dreamy |
| 8. On your plate | 9. Tiny | 10. A place | 11. Detail |
See picture 10? That's my new desk. And guess what? It's totally home made! I wanted a desk so badly, but my room is so small. It's just my bed (a double one), a bedside table and a closet, and that's already kind of full. So a normal desk wasn't an option, we had to make one. Not a problem. I made the design, my mum  took an old fence down. Since I can't handle a saw (or any other kind of tool), my mum did that for me. And then we had a problem: The legs that I picked, were too short. But, my mum is a genius, and we glued door/drawer knobs to the bottom of the legs. We bought some black paint, and tadaaa! A new desk. The best part (see left-under picture) it's fully integrated with the windowsill, so I have some extra space.

Well, that's it for today. I have to study again (poor me). But, this time next week we have a week off, yes a whole week of doing absolutely nothing at all.

Saturday, March 09, 2013


Here's a little update to what I've photographed the last few days.

Day 3. 'Key' & Day 4. 'Under'

Day 5. 'Lucky' & Day 6. 'Chair'

Day 7. 'Fear' & Day 8. 'Favourite'

Day 9. 'Faceless selfportrait'

Saturday, March 02, 2013

I went shopping

I felt like I deserved to spend some money. There were many reasons, for example: 'I finished my first Photo A Day', 'My grades were amazing lately', but most of al: 'I really, really, REALLY need a new lens'. So I went shopping.

I came home with:
- The amazing 'plastic fantastic' Canon EF 50mm f/1,8 II lens
- Estée Lauder's Sensuous Noir 
- 4 rolls of washi tape
- 2 fake lipfinity lipsticks (they are way too colorful, but who cares for €2.-)
- An ultrasuperduperfake Jack Daniels shirt (or as the shirt says 'Daniiels')

I used the washi tape to pimp my phone!

Oh, I almost forgot. This is the photo for day 2. The prompt for today was 'I made this'. It was hard to make a choice, 'cause I make a lot of things. This is the one I chose.


Friday, March 01, 2013

Photo A Day March.

Today I start with the photo challenge for march. The theme for day 1 is 'L is for...'. First I wanted to do something with lipstick, but it turned out awfully! The colour of the lipstick was way to red and my teeth looked like they were yellow. So I started thinking, while I actually had to be studying. I searched around the house for something beginning with L, when I stumbled upon my Holga. YES, that's it, lomography.

Day 1. 'L is for...' - Lomography!

I always crop these images into squares, 'cause I want all of them to be the same size. I know, it's pathetic. 
Want to join me in the challenge? Get the 'how to play' and all the info you need! (Click!)

Photo A Day!

Haven't heard from me in a while! I know. I've been busy with school, I'm studying psychology now. But that's not all! Last month I callenged myself, my photography and my photoshop skills. I found this great list at Fat Mum Slim. Every month she puts up a list with themes for each day, she calls it 'Photo A Day', and it's quite a challenge. But, I DID IT!

The challange

The result!